Friday, August 20, 2010

Sunday, March 7, 2010

L@tely updates!

i think it's been few months i haven touch my blog here.. haha.. i saw spider web building around dy.. haha.. plan to clean this mess today at last!
well.. what happen to me the past few months??
i've been in school since january.. quite busy with my studies and my.. love life!
yup.i have a bf now and he's derek chan =D though he's younger than me,but.. we have no problem communicating ^^
well.. back to my story here..
i'm facing my ujian selaras now and it's stressful >< i just notice i haven prepare for my stpm.. and i'm gonna do that straight after my this exam..
planning to score well =D aiya.. everyone also hope like that.. but,do we really get the result that we thirst for so long?? not really.. but still i will have a try since this is a big step for my future =)
sometimes i just think that i'm lucky cause i have most of the thing that i want..friends,family,relationship, etc..
really feel blessed!Thanks for everything..
and i'm attached to super junior m @.@ their songs are in mind my everytime.. i will just humming the songs everyday.. blue tmr and supergirl!
i'm going to stop typing now.. continue next time =D perhaps another few months?? jk! XD bwai bwai~

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Boomerang express!!choo choo~

my friend invited me to join this cheras baptist church activity..volunteer to help them take care the children..
went there with him,his dad fetch me.. er.. original hk ppl.i was scared to see him XD lol..
when we reach there,i was 100% blur blur.only follow my friend.then saw michael bao(jing en).. =D smile..
all the kids are already singing and dancing in the hall.. i just stand behind there and wait till this end.
i was arranged to take care the kindergarden child.diff with his's group..
i like small kid~yay~ they are cute and adorable =) gave special care for those young ones.. hold their hand,play and talk to them. carry them with my arm when going up and downstair XD lol.. yee.. so cute,i like to carry them.. but,cannot carry longer.. cause very tiring =p
first,we have some bible story.. afterward,some kid are chosen and act according to the story given.
the storyline is like this,there's a guy name peter go everywhere to tell ppl about jesus.then there was a king,dont like peter's act.then he put peter into jail..
peter's friend came and pray to fairy came and save peter.. the kids are wearing their costumes.. rainblow colour. so fun =)
then we bring them to recreation.. run,play XD oh my.. sweat a lot.. have to take care of them when they play the games.. i have to bend everytime because they are not tall.. waist pain lar =p hehe..
then they are having a short break + snack.they have choc,peanut butter plus some small small choc chip,salery and carrot..
then we have them go to the room and do some easy craft..
then bring them to the hall and practice singing.they are gonna perform it in front of their parents later =p
then we bring back to the room and have some quiz.they get some sweet if they answer it correctly.. one of the boy,i think his name is edmund.he have 2 sweet.then i ask him to give me one.. he keep play with me and dun let me to get his sweet.but lastly,when he handed the sweet to me,i say dun wan.he turns like a lil monster.. lol.. XD then i gave the sweet to one of the kid who dont have it..
lastly,we're going to the hall and let them meet their parents~ they perform and sing..the kindergarden kid are very hard to control them since they are super active.have to hold them =)
the activity end with happiness and i have fun today =D

Monday, November 23, 2009




Thursday, November 5, 2009

4/11/2009 My BIG Big DAY~ BOD

it has been a long time since i haven update my blog here =) today,i manage to spare sometime to post what i've been doing for the past 2 day.. which my birthday falls on it.
my friends from MOF decided to celebrate issac and my birthday in genting highland..but isaac dont know anything about it and it's a surprise party for him.shhss.. issac's birthday is same as mine.. what a coincidence.. ^^
we started off going on tuesday night(3/11).wilson fetch us(me,irene,jacky and steven) there.along the way,we have fun.chit chat,laugh,nap..and we reach there around 11.00 p.m..wilson and irene went to get the room key where issac and his gf(ah hong) stay there.and we hide in their room to surprise him.while waiting,jacky and i took some picture.try have a look ^^

but,issac was smart and he saw us hiding behind the curtain.. lol XD the plan failed.
but we're having around.jacky,steven,wilson and isaac even rustle to wait till 12.=p the girls just laugh and support XD
this is our birthday cake pic>

issac and i blow the candle on make some wishes.. my birthday wish is.. haha XD it's a secret! i cant say it out =)
there will be more post soon..
to be cont....

Saturday, September 12, 2009

funny scene-chinese cultural society(practicing)

today was a fun day when i spent my time practicing for the mooncake festival performance.. 3 videos were taken by me.. 3 diff stories.. =) sit down,play and enjoy!
haha.. SHE,TWINS,BY2,CINDY,"zhang shao han" are performing catwalk show XD lol..
the 11 *fairies* are sitting down chatting.. then the handsome prince come out.. they all fall in love with him.but,the prince fall in love with the shortest and ugliest *fairy*.. then he kill all the 9 *fairies*.. there's one fairy killed "herself".. haha.. and left one *fairy* that the prince like.. XD the scene when their running for the prince is funny..
this is when they guy date with the *fairy*.then the ice cream guy first sell ice-cream,after that he'll dance around and sparkle some flower around them until both of they realise that.then the icecream guy run away le =) this is just a part of our performance.soon will be more.wan to watch the real one??come join us on 18thseptember2009 in the hall at 6pm ^^
i bet our performance will be the best ever!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

what i really like

i like to play the sims game.. really interest in this virtual game.. creating own life,living in a house which is free.. buy furnitures,creating house plan(excited) and social.yer.. i know there's sims3 out there.. but i haven buy ler.. wait until stpm end only i shop =) cause i'll be crazy over this game.. hehe..
when i see lots of furniture in the game,i would feel very happy XDchoose and pick the favourite in reality,i couldnt decide.. if u are out with me,u ask me what i wan to eat,sorry,i wont tell u cause i din know.. really.. haha..
but in games,i like to rule =p
that's yumi in game show.. ^^
umm,apart from putting myself in the game,i also like some DIY stuff.. u know,u walk in some gift shops,a lot DIY stuff for a pack of thing that teach u how to make pencil box,or bracelet,or soft but a lot of fun =) i made a DIY cake for myself.. can feel the satisfaction when i finish the "work".would like to show off here.. haha..=p