Monday, September 29, 2008

overnight in miko house during the raya holiday

miko dont want me to take her video~she is trying to catch the fly that suddenly appear in the dining table.. her brother is helping also.. i'm the 1 who is taking the video

mr.melon and me~ love it

xiao bai xiao bai guai o~wo sayang ni~

la la la.. early in the morning

sitting on the chair while miko is make up"ing"

miko like to sit like this when she's using the com.

miow miow (acting cute) haha

Thanks for viewing this~!!!appreciate it o~


MiOw said...

hey!! use my name without my permission!!! xD

xiAoyUmi said...

haha.. weird la u XD ur name is MiOw.. i use miow.. diff =p