Tuesday, September 30, 2008

the day in s.wang mcdonald with my sis


i love winnie ^^

Gift from Miko

for my sis birthday present

For my sis

present from a friend

christmas present

birthday present

installation day gift

cute bear bear for wei liang ^^

Monday, September 29, 2008

overnight in miko house during the raya holiday

miko dont want me to take her video~she is trying to catch the fly that suddenly appear in the dining table.. her brother is helping also.. i'm the 1 who is taking the video

mr.melon and me~ love it

xiao bai xiao bai guai o~wo sayang ni~

la la la.. early in the morning

sitting on the chair while miko is make up"ing"

miko like to sit like this when she's using the com.

miow miow (acting cute) haha

Thanks for viewing this~!!!appreciate it o~

goin out with my best friend

we went to 1utama and have our lunch in wong kok restaurant

+this is the lunch set that i order.. mm~ delicious =) but i cant finish the whole plate

+miko is tyring to take my picture but i try to hide my face from her~ happy time

+me and miko are having fun

+miko try the cloth and ask me to join her take picture.. but lastly we ran off without buying it.. shame.. haha XD