Thursday, October 2, 2008

1st of october

i went to and times square with my sister..

my sister is like my friend who always accompany anywhere i go..

because i dun have any fren,so i always go out with my sis.. =)

we walk from 2.30 until 5 something.. so so tired.. but i bought something there =) get my birthday present from my sis (shoe) .. like it very much ^^ but the shoe i bought is size 38.. only left 1... actually i'm size 37.. but it still ok for me.. loose is better than tight o~ =) i wan to collect many many type of high heels~ or flat de.. =) anything will birthday wish is to get shoes.. haha..normally i only get birthday present from my bf.. now my bf is in sarawak.. too far to give me ^^ nvm.. i'll wait.. hehe..

then went to watson and bought skinz product and lip ice.. got free 1 small lip gloss~ that offer is the last 1 .. and i took it =p hehe.. we have our lunch (at 4 somehting) in KFC.. after my meal,i take picture non stop.. haha.. others looking at me but i dun really MIND XD cause i really like to take pic.. haha..

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Sean said...

update update! =P
after ur exam laa.. haha
good luck o ^^