Thursday, November 13, 2008

feeling frustrated

just had a fight with me sis just now.. haiz..
what the..
okay.. let me start to tell you lil bit bout my life journal..

well,i have an elder brother and a younger sis..
i dont really talk to my brother because he bully me when i'm at a young age..
therefore i think i scare of him since then.. (trauma i think)
he is a very very selfish person.. as what others thought as inconsiderate..
he tries to get benifit for whatever he what to do or before he do.. (eg.he is going out with friend at night and might not have a chance to use the com,so he exchange his timetable with me.. but if i'm goin out,he wont let me to exchange timing with him)- this kind of "seeds of evil" only make his future getting worst!!

now,it's about my sis.. i'm very close to her if compare to others..we talk bout almost everything that we can tell and i will even do silly thing in order to make her laugh..
but,sometimes she is just too "kecil hati"
and my mum always stand at her site.. it's like i'm the 1 who did wrong although sometimes i didnt! ><
in my mum's point of view,my sis is an obedient girl and i'm the naughty 1.. #$%%!!! jkjk..
and the other thing i dont like about her is that she is a copy cat!!
keep following what i do!!! hate it!!
-she use my idea from my signature and put in her signature
-i read R.L. stine's novel and she follow!! why dont she just find her own favourite writer instead of getting the hang of me
-she know that i like winnie the pooh so deadly and she told me before she like the same thing too! geram
....................too much to speak out
too mad dy cause just had a fight with her.. and suddenly poofs~ turn into a talkative person XD
diary diary.. i feed u with my sadness o.. sorry.. next time i ganti back with a sweet experience okay?? =)
gonna stop my writing now.. thanks for viewing and... have a nice day ^^


MiOw said...

put a chat box la.. so tat i can comment.. anyway, don b sad la.. life is always unfair n fair.. c wat time u get which wan.. ^^


xiAoyUmi said...

haha.. er, i dont know how ler XD wait first.. i try to put~ haha