Sunday, March 1, 2009

new job new life!

i've been waiting for this moment for since 1st of last~i'm leaving the awful supervisor..
today is the first day of my new job as a waitress in emperor q which is located in pavilion 1st floor beside mercato supermarket there..
everyone treat me so nice..
let me introduce my new friend here.. 1st is steven.. he's 169cm,curl hair.he treat me on my first day of work.. both of us went to wong kok restaurant to yam cha.. we got 2 hour break together,sharing our experience as a teenager.he is a cashier for MOF(ministry of restaurant-my company).another 1 is kevin.he's a lil chubby..170cm,speak cantonese and kind.when i reach there in early morning,he teach me those simply thing which i need to do to serve customers.then is mun hong.. he's the tallest guy there,same age as me.. he's shy.. when i look at him i smile and he will blush.. haha..i like to kacau him..he's the most good looking guy there..but i treat him as a friend only.. then it's turn for our manager.. his name is issac.. he surprise me on my very first day of work.his birthday is the same as me.. haha.. this is the first time i meet somebody who have the same DOB as me.. i'm happy with it.. he's very funny de.. when i see him i will laugh XD then got ah lum who work as captain pentry.. he live nearby my house so we plan to go home together if our shift is the same..haha.. besides me,there's only 1 more girl who is working here. her name is ting ting.she's very pretty and polite.i like to talk to her ^^ there's more friend but i hardly remember all their names.. so only a few who i closed with. everyone treat me like a small girl here.. always help me and ask me to be careful when holding the hot food cover.they say i'm the only girl there and must sayang me. haha.. feeling like the youngest daughter in a big family here..

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