Saturday, January 31, 2009

i cried

today lee fong scolded me for nothing.. that time i was with kimberly and she is my best fren.. u know what happen?? she come in and scolded me.. i think she envy i get boss angpau on the 5th day of CNY.. that day i got off day.. but i did go to the shop there waiting for my boss and the lion dancing performance.. then boss give angpau for all the staff he meet.
the angpau worth rm50 each!
after i see the lion dance,i "flew" to meet my fren..
she scolded me for getting the angpau.. she is so bossy,evil,ugly(heart & her hair),stupid,impolite.............
i was accused by her but i be patient..
cause i know that god will help me to punish her if she really did the wrong thing..
i dont care she scolded me.. it's just the circle of life.
everyone will has there own hardtime and happytime..
today is the worst day in january 2009

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