Monday, December 29, 2008

december is gonna end soon!!

2 days more and december calendar will be tearing off and january is coming soon..2009 year or as known as bull year is appearing soon!!
arent u nervous about it??helding ur teeth tight all together and hoping the new year is a lucky year for thou??
well,i have my own plan for a new year..
wan to know?? i cant tell u XD lol.. just jokin.. 1st,i'm saving my money till the end of 2009 december cause i'm goin to move soon~to taman pinggiran putra..cause i'm not from a rich family.. so live also normal ny..
a.k.a. cinderella.. sure i'm waiting for my prince to bring me along
but it's a nice place there.. it's nearby cyberjaya..
taman pinggiran putra is one of the malaysia MSC plan..
so i'm a lil happy about it cause i'm goin to live in a high tech area!!! yo!!haha..then my second plan is to decide whether i'm studying form 6 or univercity.. now it's confusing me..
i've been not writing my blog for so long and forced to do so by one of my fren.. so,that's it XD bye and wish u all will have a happy new year in 2009!

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