Friday, May 29, 2009

L6Clancy rocks !

today we went for a movie after teacher's day celebration.. before that the guys have a bowling i notice jason chua was a good bowling player.. lead all the way till the end =)strike,spare,strike again,nice~ but soo and bingxian not bad also =)
the others like weiyei,voon keong went to cc and play their online game.. lol..kidz.. haha =p
the girls stick together.. they didnt join the bowling match,but just sit aside and support them =) like clap hands,do woo woo sound those... haha..they are mee sie,pui mun and me.we talk bout ghost thingi when we yam cha at old town white coffee
i slept ler during movie time.. lol.. =p wat to do..eyes are tired,surrounding comfort.. haha..
but tat movie is really interesting..half human and half robotic!! ^^
after the movie,jasper and soo play snooker in the bowling centre.. lol.. some technical problem then the white colour ball cannot take out.. then they simply play.. haha.. firstly they take the black as a white ball.. then the black colour ball also fall into the hole dy.. haha XD then keep changing colour..
well.. our day end with happiness and laughter.L6Clancy rocks! =)

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