Sunday, May 17, 2009

mylife in MBS

13th of May 2009-
well.. for the first day of school in a new environment,briefing's is something which will not be forgotten.And it's definitely the least interest among new students there.. everyone keep looking at each other on the very first day of school.i'm not excepted from that of course.. all the new girls in that school wearing the same uniform but i prefer to differ.i wore baju kurung on that day and it makes me feel so special from the others.many thought came across my mind at that time.whether everyone is looking for their mr/mrs right here or just came here to study for their future.during briefing that time,i saw some of my exclassmate when i'm in primary school(sjkcjalan davidson).wondering should i go and talk to them when they're free just to inform them that i'm new to that school rules were explained by Pn Gan and Pn.Goh to us on that day.time passed slowly till 1.50..

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