Thursday, June 11, 2009


we really do revision before we watch a movie kay..studies physic and a bit maths
thanks to jason and wei yei,i've understand physic better =)

pic of 3 of us before the movie
this is the movie we are wactching.this is spooky~woo~ kinna funny,and extremely disgusting..the puke,saliva those.. eww~
during that 1 hour and 20 minutes,wei yei was covering his face behind his bag.. haha XD funny.. wei yei dont like horror movie de.. but jason and i enjoyed it.. i scream a few times.. i'm not scared.just want to tense those beside me laXD haha.. exciting la.. jason and I like cannot stop eating XD keep eating the popcorn.. but jason more hungry la,stop eating when it finish.i stopped half way there.. haha.. what a nice movie.. lamia~ yay~ a new creature

wei yei was very tired


very peak ler in the monorail

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