Wednesday, June 3, 2009

lol.. i slept when i was trying to finish this post.. well.. that's how the story goes..
a number of 3,gathered at hang tuah lrt station to go for karaoke in the early morning,9.20.As what i've expectd,jason was the first who arrive,i'm the second and bingxian the,is what happen in the k room. ..the left was jason and bing xian(big head)is on the right.

jason have really have a nice voice here.. girls,if u are there,sure get electric shock.. haha.. wan his number?ask me XD haha..i'm promoting my jason.haha..hmm,the "zao yam" king cannot stop singing.. lol.. but it's fun to have bingxian with us cause he keep making the silly sound.. haha..

one of their fren come and join us for the movie(night at the museum 2).it's interesting with more special character.i like the cupids..haha.. how cute XD more info for u,i'm a fan of "guai tan" show..=) i like to watch this show because they got the real ghost clip and stories..each 2 month i will buy the dvd in times square.. but i will be very dissapointed if they sold out the dvd dy.. this is yumi,signing out =D

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