Thursday, November 5, 2009

4/11/2009 My BIG Big DAY~ BOD

it has been a long time since i haven update my blog here =) today,i manage to spare sometime to post what i've been doing for the past 2 day.. which my birthday falls on it.
my friends from MOF decided to celebrate issac and my birthday in genting highland..but isaac dont know anything about it and it's a surprise party for him.shhss.. issac's birthday is same as mine.. what a coincidence.. ^^
we started off going on tuesday night(3/11).wilson fetch us(me,irene,jacky and steven) there.along the way,we have fun.chit chat,laugh,nap..and we reach there around 11.00 p.m..wilson and irene went to get the room key where issac and his gf(ah hong) stay there.and we hide in their room to surprise him.while waiting,jacky and i took some picture.try have a look ^^

but,issac was smart and he saw us hiding behind the curtain.. lol XD the plan failed.
but we're having around.jacky,steven,wilson and isaac even rustle to wait till 12.=p the girls just laugh and support XD
this is our birthday cake pic>

issac and i blow the candle on make some wishes.. my birthday wish is.. haha XD it's a secret! i cant say it out =)
there will be more post soon..
to be cont....

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