Saturday, September 12, 2009

funny scene-chinese cultural society(practicing)

today was a fun day when i spent my time practicing for the mooncake festival performance.. 3 videos were taken by me.. 3 diff stories.. =) sit down,play and enjoy!
haha.. SHE,TWINS,BY2,CINDY,"zhang shao han" are performing catwalk show XD lol..
the 11 *fairies* are sitting down chatting.. then the handsome prince come out.. they all fall in love with him.but,the prince fall in love with the shortest and ugliest *fairy*.. then he kill all the 9 *fairies*.. there's one fairy killed "herself".. haha.. and left one *fairy* that the prince like.. XD the scene when their running for the prince is funny..
this is when they guy date with the *fairy*.then the ice cream guy first sell ice-cream,after that he'll dance around and sparkle some flower around them until both of they realise that.then the icecream guy run away le =) this is just a part of our performance.soon will be more.wan to watch the real one??come join us on 18thseptember2009 in the hall at 6pm ^^
i bet our performance will be the best ever!

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