Thursday, September 3, 2009

what i really like

i like to play the sims game.. really interest in this virtual game.. creating own life,living in a house which is free.. buy furnitures,creating house plan(excited) and social.yer.. i know there's sims3 out there.. but i haven buy ler.. wait until stpm end only i shop =) cause i'll be crazy over this game.. hehe..
when i see lots of furniture in the game,i would feel very happy XDchoose and pick the favourite in reality,i couldnt decide.. if u are out with me,u ask me what i wan to eat,sorry,i wont tell u cause i din know.. really.. haha..
but in games,i like to rule =p
that's yumi in game show.. ^^
umm,apart from putting myself in the game,i also like some DIY stuff.. u know,u walk in some gift shops,a lot DIY stuff for a pack of thing that teach u how to make pencil box,or bracelet,or soft but a lot of fun =) i made a DIY cake for myself.. can feel the satisfaction when i finish the "work".would like to show off here.. haha..=p

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