Saturday, August 1, 2009

surprisingly,we won =D

i join the Graphic design competition 2009 today and i team up with yong shean..
both of us met up early in the morning in the IT lab..
there's more than 10 group joining this competition.. including some team from SAB,pudu girl school and SMKcheras.. yong shean and I din really put any high hope for this competition de.. cause we're just having fun and want to get the cert =p haha..
voon keong and kit yee become the mc this time.. a brief is given by mr wong and robert chia.. i dont like to listen to long speech de lo.. "cheong hei".. but lucky mr wong always give short and simple speech =)
the competition start at 8 o'clock.. yong shean actually prepare all the idea dy.. and we finish it by 10 something.. but,i state my opinion to change a new one.. cause i dont think this will be outstanding among all the result.
in a sudden,i draw out all my idea for the new design on a paper.. and start all over again..
we spend a lot of time on this new design.. really tiring.. the worst part is there is a small conflict between me and my partner,yong shean.. we are actually argue about the colour of the background.. lucky.. we tolerate each other and lastly agree on the same thing.. phew~ =) yong shean,thanks for tolerating with me..
we stop at 1.15.. finally,we can take a breath and have our lunch in the canteen.. lunch is provided.. but the vege not so nice le.. raw de.. i dont like to eat raw food expect sushi.. so,i wasted all the vege..
then we hang out until 2.30 and we went in IT room again..
*10, 9,8,7,6,5,4,3,..2,...1,........* the consolation prize falls to... group shim man jong.. *claps*
the 2nd runner up..... falls to........... lee pui chin and yong shean~*claps*
*surprised**smile widely* lol.. haha.. we're really happy.. XD yay~ we get 2nd runner up..
the 1st runner up..falls to......SAB team~ *claps*
and the first prize.. krish kumar team~ *claps* yay =)
yong shean and i get a trophy each,cert and rm200 voucher.. haha... umm,i'm happy with this result.. since this is the first time i team with yong shean =)
i want to thank her.. without her,our group wont win.. ^^
everyone prepare to leave after getting the cert..
this event,end smoothly at 2 something.. went home quickly cause of the ISA thingi.. felling scared.. rushed home after that =)

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Shin Chong said...

luckily we still hav the time to finish after we start all over again

congrats & thx for ur ideas & support!