Friday, July 31, 2009

super late

today i reached home about 8..
break my own record.. 7.10p.m. only start leaving school.. i was in the IT room doing decoration thingi and chit chatting with the seniors.. including li yin,wai kit,yong shean and others..
well,this really make us closer to each other..
share some opinion..about relationship,studies and so on..robert,brought us some can drink since we work so hard today..thanks robert(rabbit-as what he told me) =)
yong shean is my best friend when i'm in IT room =) haha..
around 6,yong shean's father came and forced her to go home.. i can see her dissapointed face leaving the IT room.. i know she wanted to join and help us until we finished our job here..
through her message,she was scolded badly by her mum.. and she depressed.. really wish can make her feel better.. not blaming her for our mistake for staying so late..
when she left,leave us 7..
it was quite fun when the whole gang walk to lrt station together.. feel more secure.. they are humorous also.. so,we talking non stop during our walk.. and laugh,is with us all the time

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