Tuesday, July 7, 2009

am I a "vase"?

i joined tele match for badminton match single and mixed..
it was held in the hall.. for the single,i lost.
while for the mixed,it just ended today =) and the result is fantastic!all bacause of my partner,soo yew sing.he's really good in this.while he was playing,i just stand there like a vase.. lol..
i guess everyone was talking about this..
well.. i admit la i din really help much.. but i got help a bittttttt =p
haha.. few marks perhaps XD
today during the match,i was very nervous.. i scared if i susahkan my partner.. i dont want him to loose because of me,so i tried very hard to avoid the shuttlecock
i still remember when my team versus L6Wesley,i kena hit by the shuttlecock for 2 times.. a hard one.. one is from the boy,one is from the girl..
i was thinking.. are they do that on purpose? haha XD
happy go lucky for me,my team get the first place.. and thanks for my classmate and all the supporters? =p haha

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Anonymous said...

I dont know what to say.. you really a vase.. that all haha..