Friday, July 17, 2009

dislike the new nickname the girls give me =.=

"guan jia po" (mandarin) is the nickname that the girls gave me..
pui mun was the first who discover this.she says i like to sort of "control" others la..
i wanted to tell her here,this is not "guan ga po" job.. but is because i care about everyone..
i think she says me that because wherever i go,i sure got lots of thing to talk the others.not only to the girls,but to the boys as well
can say that i have a lot conversation with anyone..
though i explain to her many times,she keep hurting my feelings..
i wish she can be more understanding..
try to put urself in my place la i should say.. then u will know how i feel.
today i was just talking about the chapel songs with yip but she says that i'm busybody.. simply accuse me for ntg =.= lame
so,stop this action

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