Saturday, December 5, 2009

Boomerang express!!choo choo~

my friend invited me to join this cheras baptist church activity..volunteer to help them take care the children..
went there with him,his dad fetch me.. er.. original hk ppl.i was scared to see him XD lol..
when we reach there,i was 100% blur blur.only follow my friend.then saw michael bao(jing en).. =D smile..
all the kids are already singing and dancing in the hall.. i just stand behind there and wait till this end.
i was arranged to take care the kindergarden child.diff with his's group..
i like small kid~yay~ they are cute and adorable =) gave special care for those young ones.. hold their hand,play and talk to them. carry them with my arm when going up and downstair XD lol.. yee.. so cute,i like to carry them.. but,cannot carry longer.. cause very tiring =p
first,we have some bible story.. afterward,some kid are chosen and act according to the story given.
the storyline is like this,there's a guy name peter go everywhere to tell ppl about jesus.then there was a king,dont like peter's act.then he put peter into jail..
peter's friend came and pray to fairy came and save peter.. the kids are wearing their costumes.. rainblow colour. so fun =)
then we bring them to recreation.. run,play XD oh my.. sweat a lot.. have to take care of them when they play the games.. i have to bend everytime because they are not tall.. waist pain lar =p hehe..
then they are having a short break + snack.they have choc,peanut butter plus some small small choc chip,salery and carrot..
then we have them go to the room and do some easy craft..
then bring them to the hall and practice singing.they are gonna perform it in front of their parents later =p
then we bring back to the room and have some quiz.they get some sweet if they answer it correctly.. one of the boy,i think his name is edmund.he have 2 sweet.then i ask him to give me one.. he keep play with me and dun let me to get his sweet.but lastly,when he handed the sweet to me,i say dun wan.he turns like a lil monster.. lol.. XD then i gave the sweet to one of the kid who dont have it..
lastly,we're going to the hall and let them meet their parents~ they perform and sing..the kindergarden kid are very hard to control them since they are super active.have to hold them =)
the activity end with happiness and i have fun today =D