Sunday, March 7, 2010

L@tely updates!

i think it's been few months i haven touch my blog here.. haha.. i saw spider web building around dy.. haha.. plan to clean this mess today at last!
well.. what happen to me the past few months??
i've been in school since january.. quite busy with my studies and my.. love life!
yup.i have a bf now and he's derek chan =D though he's younger than me,but.. we have no problem communicating ^^
well.. back to my story here..
i'm facing my ujian selaras now and it's stressful >< i just notice i haven prepare for my stpm.. and i'm gonna do that straight after my this exam..
planning to score well =D aiya.. everyone also hope like that.. but,do we really get the result that we thirst for so long?? not really.. but still i will have a try since this is a big step for my future =)
sometimes i just think that i'm lucky cause i have most of the thing that i want..friends,family,relationship, etc..
really feel blessed!Thanks for everything..
and i'm attached to super junior m @.@ their songs are in mind my everytime.. i will just humming the songs everyday.. blue tmr and supergirl!
i'm going to stop typing now.. continue next time =D perhaps another few months?? jk! XD bwai bwai~

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