Friday, May 29, 2009

L6Clancy rocks !

today we went for a movie after teacher's day celebration.. before that the guys have a bowling i notice jason chua was a good bowling player.. lead all the way till the end =)strike,spare,strike again,nice~ but soo and bingxian not bad also =)
the others like weiyei,voon keong went to cc and play their online game.. lol..kidz.. haha =p
the girls stick together.. they didnt join the bowling match,but just sit aside and support them =) like clap hands,do woo woo sound those... haha..they are mee sie,pui mun and me.we talk bout ghost thingi when we yam cha at old town white coffee
i slept ler during movie time.. lol.. =p wat to do..eyes are tired,surrounding comfort.. haha..
but tat movie is really interesting..half human and half robotic!! ^^
after the movie,jasper and soo play snooker in the bowling centre.. lol.. some technical problem then the white colour ball cannot take out.. then they simply play.. haha.. firstly they take the black as a white ball.. then the black colour ball also fall into the hole dy.. haha XD then keep changing colour..
well.. our day end with happiness and laughter.L6Clancy rocks! =)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

50% corpse(home) 50% human(school)

almost everyday i sleep at 12 something and wake up at 5am.max 5 sleeping hour only
when i lay on my bed,it's like 50%corpse dy.eyes close automaticly
how come form 6 life is so suffering >< holiday,have to study a lot.. haiz.. maths surd super hard.the others still okay..
the subject that i'm facing problem is physic.. i hardly understand the text.. the teacher pulak.. erm.. lol.. u know lar.. haha.. every friday test test test.. blek
what i like most is maths,recess time and when the teachers are not here..
let me introduce my classmate here,the closer one are jason chua,wei yei,bingxian,soo,yem,jasper,choy,chun kit,huey wen,pui mun,mee sie,james,barry,lee kent,jia sen,kevin,parames,jia ming,wai luen.. lol.. almost all of my classmate.. haha
ya,i'm almost close with everyone.. i like to disturb the quiet ones like jason and wei yei..u're right again ,i'm naughty =) and i like it.. haha
sometimes when i feel boring in the class,i'll observe everyone around me.. help teacher determine whether they are sleeping with their eyes are open or concentrate.. haha..
but i really like my class,everyone are so friendly to be with.. =)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

mylife in MBS

13th of May 2009-
well.. for the first day of school in a new environment,briefing's is something which will not be forgotten.And it's definitely the least interest among new students there.. everyone keep looking at each other on the very first day of school.i'm not excepted from that of course.. all the new girls in that school wearing the same uniform but i prefer to differ.i wore baju kurung on that day and it makes me feel so special from the others.many thought came across my mind at that time.whether everyone is looking for their mr/mrs right here or just came here to study for their future.during briefing that time,i saw some of my exclassmate when i'm in primary school(sjkcjalan davidson).wondering should i go and talk to them when they're free just to inform them that i'm new to that school rules were explained by Pn Gan and Pn.Goh to us on that day.time passed slowly till 1.50..